Why We Love Block Ice Shavers

Spring is on its way and so is the shave ice season. To celebrate, we’ve created a list th...

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Hawaiian Ice Shavers for Summer 2022

Looking to break into the shave ice business or in need of an upgrade? Here are our recommen...

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Why Shave Ice Experts Prefer Block Ice Molds

As any shave ice expert could tell you, there are a few different factors that separate auth...

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The Top Shaved Ice Supplies Your Business Needs

Every business has a list of supplies they need to be successful. The same is true for your ...

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Ice Shaver Spotlight: Manual Ice Shavers

For beginners looking to get a foothold in the shaved ice business, there’s no simpler sta...

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The Pros and Cons of Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup

Flavor is obviously a factor when choosing the Hawaiian shaved ice syrup to stock, but you a...

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Choose the Perfect Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

Every shave ice enterprise has its own needs. The most important of these is choosing the ri...

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The Best Shaved Ice Machine for You

There’s nothing better than freshly made shaved ice on a hot day. The light and fluffy tex...

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice vs Taiwanese Shaved Ice

When you search the term shaved ice, you may be surprised at the variation you’ll see. In ...

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Multiple servings of shaved ice. The maker has been careful to apply flavors in a way that creates an ombre.

Best Hawaiian Shaved Ice Flavors

One of the selling points of shaved ice is the ability to choose your own flavors. Combining...

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Reddish pink Hawaiian shave ice is served in a plastic cone.

How to Make Shaved Ice Syrup

There are a myriad of shaved ice flavors to choose from. From stand alone syrup flavors to e...

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Multiple servings of Hawaiian shave ice sit on a table. A hand reaches in to grab a cherry flavored serving.

Shaved Ice Flavors- Create Your Own!

A shaved ice machine is a versatile dessert maker. Because syrup is added after the ice is s...

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