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Best Ice Shavers: The Hatsuyuki HF-500E Block

What would be the best way for you to cool off during those hot summer months? If your answer is delicious and refreshing shaved ice, then you probably need a sturdy ice shaving machine.

With this appliance, you can make tasty treats for everyone at any time. All in all, add some ice, press a button, add your favourite flavor, and then enjoy your smooth, crisp and tantalising delight!

However, like every other appliance, you may want to choose the very best ice shaver. Below we look at the markings of a top ice shaving machine to help you enjoy your warm months.

Keep In Mind

Safe Operation – Regardless of anything else, safety always comes first. For that matter, you have to make sure that the model you choose is safe for use. It is therefore vital to consider models that practice safe operations and are BPA-free.

Consistency – The last thing you need when you’re going pro with the ice shaving business is the wrong equipment. It is a massive leap between serving a dozen people in a small party to having a multitude of customers. You, therefore, require a reliable machine that produces a high quality product to create confidence in your business.

Durability – As a rule, every significant investment has to reward you with more extended service, free of regular repairs or breakdowns. For that matter, at the top of your ice shaving machine’s shopping list should be a stainless steel construction model.

With everyone’s love for frozen treats and chilled refreshments, how then can you transform your loyal clients’ experience? The answer may lie in the Hatsuyuki HF- 500E Block!

Benefits of Hatsuyuki HF-500E

What makes this model tick all the boxes? First, the “Hatsuyuki HF-500E block ice shaver” is made of high quality steel wrapped in a striking plastic casing. Thus, you have not only a durable and easy-to-use ice shaver but also an eye-catching appliance.

This well-known ice shaver receives individual preference from professional shaved ice vendors, giving the users the option to make block ice. Besides, this particular model excels in producing light and fluffy snow, only achievable by block models.

Safety Features

One of the main attractions of this HF-500 in comparison to other models is how it operates. Should you forget to close the protection lid, the device will automatically not work. In the same way, this allows for hands-free operation of the shaving plane, thereby reducing injury incidences. Additionally:

  • On delivery, the HF-500E includes a preinstalled blade, a spare blade, catch tray, gear oil. These essential accessories come in handy in keeping the ice shaver flawless in its performance.
  • The blade component of the machine features an adjustment knob, allowing you to adjust the snow texture to your preference efficiently.
  • Furthermore, the Hatsuyuki block machine is not only NSF certified but also has UL approval, which is a prerequisite of most local health departments.

Cleaning the Hatsuyuki HF Shaved Ice Machine

As you may know, making shaved ice is all fun and games, but when it comes to cleaning, it’s a different story altogether. It is markedly tasking when it comes to commercial shaved ice machines which happen to have a lot of use. Notwithstanding the time constraints, it is paramount to clean the appliance for business to keep flowing. To guide you on this, follow the Dos and Don’ts on the list below:


  • Immerse the HF-500E Block machine
  • Use Detergent to clean the ice shaver


  • Exercise care and caution especially when cleaning close to the blade and dispensing chute
  • Always unplug the device before embarking on cleaning
  • Clean the machine every 1-4 weeks depending on the frequency of use

Ultimately, a Hatsuyuki model is the best investment for your business in the market. For excellent service and support click here to check out our Hatsuyuki Ice Shavers!