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Best Locations For Your Shave Ice Business

You have your professional ice shaver ready, all your commercial ice supplies organized, and every possible shave ice syrup lined up for action. You flicker the ‘open’ light on- but no one is at your door.

Why?  It could be many reasons. But a potentially major reason?


For a successful shave ice business, location always matters. Whether your business has a permanent stand or a mobile truck it’s important to know where to put it.

Below we’ve listed 5 of our favorite location ideas for your shave ice business (make sure you do additional research for your exact location too.)


  1. Areas with heavy traffic. The parking lots of areas that are always bustling with traffic, such as local shopping centers and malls, are great places to set up shop.
  2. Public Events. If you’re a mobile shave ice business, special events will bring you an impressive crowd. Pay attention to any local events going on, such as concerts, carnivals, festivals, baseball games, parades, or fairs.
  3. Roadside Locations. We all have streets nearby that are known for how busy they always are. Pick a roadside location by one of these streets. It’s key that this location is highly visible and has easy accessibility!
  4. Local Attractions. Sightseeing tourists want to experience all that your area has to offer. Plant your business right by a local attraction? People will think you’re a part of the experience. Plus, all the children will be begging their parents for a break and your shop will be right there for them.
  5. On a route. If you’re mobile, plan where you’ll be according to popular hours. For example, stopping right by the local middle school when the bell rings then driving over to the local swimming pool nearby, when they’re getting out of their lessons.


These ideas should give you a head start on planning the location of your shave ice business.