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Crafting Shave Ice Art

Crafting Shave Ice Art:Your Imagination is the Only Limit

Shaved ice is practically guaranteed to bring in customers of all types and all ages during the hot summer months. The more variety the better! Flavor, of course, is the biggest variable in shaved ice but there are other variables that you can introduce as well that will be sure to make your stand the hottest one to hit during summer festivals and the like. Crafted shaved ice is an exciting addition to your regular choices.


The themes you choose will likely be even more popular if they echo the theme of the event. Plan out your ingredients and any accessories accordingly and practice, practice, and practice some more on the more complicated crafted creations well before the event rolls around. Some themes might be as easy as adding a cup with a particular design and a themed swizzle stick. Others, however, may be more akin to ice carving! Keep those factors in mind when planning your themes and the costs you may incur from them, the costs of materials and the costs of the added labor.

There are so many examples of where incorporating crafted shaved ice could be very profitable. Here are just a few:

  • Spooky Themes

If you are setting up at a Halloween festival, for example, you might want to include “creepy” themes. Even something as simple as using black cups will make your product stand out from others. To take the idea even further, use your regular flavors but name them something scary like “witches brew” or “spider crawl”, plop on a relevant gummy bear and you have the perfect Halloween themed shaved ice. If you want to get really creepy, you might want to brew up a blood-red flavor, add a miniature ax and name it “Lizzy Gordon”.

  • Super Heroes

Super heroes are always popular choices at practically any event where there are children. Consider Batman, Superman, Spiderman (or their generic equivalents when copyrighting issues might be a problem) and shape, color, and name your shaved ice themes accordingly. Maybe include a tiny toy of the themed character to add even more child appeal.

  • Kids’ Carnival

Attending a kid’s carnival? How about themes like “carousel horse”, “the rocket ride” or the “ferris wheel”.  Then there are the clowns and assorted other items of interest that you might feel inspires a special shaved ice creation. If you can find them, carnival swizzle sticks (especially the carousel horses) could even be collectible).

  • Animal Shows

Does the event you are thinking about attending involve pets, maybe a rodeo or a dog show? How about themes like “bucking bronco”, “puppy dog eyes”, or “meow”.  Add a small plastic animal to the side and you have an item all kids will want.

  • What about the Adults?

Adults like shaved ice too! They especially appreciate having the options of different textures in their choice of ices. Additionally, you could add some more flavors and designs that would be sure to pull in more adult customers. Consider flavors like coffee and vanilla or for special events go along with the them of that event just as you do for the children’s’ drinks. Setting up at a garden show? Consider using garden themed names and designs along with a garnish of mint in your crafted shaved ice. Try the trusted standbys like lemonade, raspberry and blackberry buy also try some more exotic sounding flavors. There are even lavender, rose petals, lavender and verbena flavors. Add an adult style glass, maybe a plastic stemware glass, and you have a drink that even the most discriminating adult won’t turn their noses up at.


Selling shaved ice is a no-brainer when it comes to drawing in customers. Selling crafted shaved ice opens up even more opportunities, profits, and fun.