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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going: Shave Ice Tips and Products to Get You Started

Whether you are running your shave ice business from a mobile stand, a portable concession trailer, or a storefront, there are a few key elements that really make all the difference to your success.

Much of the success of a shaved ice stand depends on its location. Place your stand where it’s easy to get to and easy to find. If your location is accessible by foot, bicycle and car then chances are you will be well-positioned to draw traffic. It also helps if your location is near some sort of entertainment options whether it be a park, boardwalk, community pool, downtown area or restaurant.

If you have a mobile unit and your shaved ice stand only operates on a seasonal basis, many locations will allow you to connect to plumbing and electrical services. You can make arrangements to store your cart as well as flush and sanitise tanks, pumps and hoses.

Outside of these logistics, the next thing to think about getting in order is your list of supplies and presentation of materials.

Real Hawaiian Ice offers a full line of serving supplies and disposables from block ice molds, to spoon straws and everything in between. We want to make sure you are fully equipped in your enterprise and to help, we offer these fine accessories that will put the finishing touches on your Hawaiian Ice business.

  • Spoon Straws: These plastic spoon straws are made to be used with thick, icy drinks that a normal straw couldn’t handle. A plastic spoon straw is also made durable enough to last a customer through their entire shave ice dessert, even if it’s a large, to ensure they can enjoy every last drop of refreshing, sugary sweetness. Check out our neon shave ice spoon straws here.
  • Flavor Board: With a Hawaiian Ice logo at the top, you can use this board to advertise the shave ice flavors being sold. A dry erase marker can be used to add decorations or easily switch out the selection of flavors. The simple design stimulates sales and gets people interested in what you’re offering right away. View our flavor board here.
  • Banner: This high quality Hawaiian ice banner is the perfect way to grab your customer’s attention. Proudly display the Real Hawaiian Ice logo to catch the attention of passersby. Find a good place for the banner to hang securely so you can start leading people through your doors. See the new banner design here.
  • Plastic Pour Bottles: We carry both long neck as well as short neck quart size pour bottles. These are excellent for storing and pouring syrups for shave ice. Purchase some of our pour bottles here.

You can add these extras to your basic supplies such as an ice shaver, a block ice maker or an arrangement to purchase block ice from a vendor, and plenty of ingredients, including syrups and toppings. Mixing containers and long spoons allow you to mix custom flavors. Cups can be ordered in several different sizes to be sold at different price points and, along with straws and spoons, can be ordered in bulk.