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Shave Ice: Concentrate or Ready-To-Use Syrup?


Picking out your commercial shave ice machine is only one step in starting your new shave ice business. Another decision that has to be made is whether you want to use concentrate or ready-to-use syrups to add flavor your shave ice. Both our Hawaiian Ice concentrate and ready-to-use syrups are made with the highest quality ingredients on the market.

With concentrate, you have quite a few advantages. Without water and sugar added in, the weight is kept minimal, making shipping costs less. When the concentrate arrives, just a few need to be taken and your concentrate will be be ready to use.

While we have a recommended amount of sugar to concentrate ratio, you can always customize it! Adjust the sweetness and concentrate level to taste depending on your customers taste preferences. For a stronger flavor, add additional concentrate. For a more muted essence, add a little less concentrate. When mixing your concentrate, you’re in complete control of how you want to make the ultimate end flavor. Another option is to use artificial sweetener, offering your customers a sugar-free, low-carb option to enjoy their shave ice.

Ready-To-Use syrups have the advantage of being extra convenient. No additional steps or materials needed, just pour right over the fresh shave ice! Our Ready-To-Use syrups are great for smaller shave ice business that need easiness and convenience. If you sell shave ice on a bigger scale, purchasing concentrate is much more economical and a great way to cut costs, especially for those super popular flavors.
Both our concentrate and ready-to-use flavors come from authentic gourmet Hawaiian recipes and are made from the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Pick out your favorite flavors and stock up on them today!