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Making A Shaved Ice Business Profit


It seems that more than ever, the “side hustle” has become a popular method of supplementing income. Part-time jobs require hours that you may not be able to sacrifice. Share economy based businesses offer more flexibility in hours, but still leave you at the mercy of company policy and wages. You’d like to start a side business, but the expense is daunting and you don’t know where to start.

Have you thought about shaved ice?

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when looking to make some extra money, but shaved ice is a low risk and cost way to start a small business.

Shaved Ice Business Profit
What makes shaved ice an ideal first step in owning a small business?

It has a low baseline cost which makes it easier to break into.

Equipment can easily be paid off within the first few weeks/months of business which gives you the opportunity to go at your own pace. Instead of being stressed about making maximum profits, you can be confident that you’ll break even sooner rather than later.

If the idea of leasing a brick and mortar building gives you an anxiety attack, you can operate out of a cart, trailer, or tent. This eliminates the cost of rent and gives you flexibility. You aren’t committed to keeping a storefront open during a lull or the off season in colder climates.

But, even weather that would normally off put customers becomes a moot point during festivals and events. Becoming a vendor at a local event can be a great way to maximize profits in the smallest amount of time.

Additionally, shaved ice has a high profit margin. Once equipment has been paid, the cost for supplies is much lower than the cost of the shaved ice. This does make it important to have quality equipment and supplies as the end product needs to be worth the upcharge.

Why Real Hawaiian Ice Will Bring Your Shaved Ice Business Profit
Real Hawaiian Ice offers you the superior product you need at a price beginners can pay.

The Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver is the end all be all of ice shavers. Manufactured in Japan, this ice shaver is praised for its ability to create shaved ice with a true snow-like texture. Real Hawaiian Ice is currently the only retailer in America to sell them.

One client noted that after 6 years of use in weather, repeated washings, and employee handling, the Hatsuyuki Ice Shaver was still in working condition. Another said that because they last longer, the initial cost was worth the additional money he would have to spend in buying other ice shavers. They seem expensive, but their longevity more than justifies the cost.

Likewise, Real Hawaiian Ice offers syrup and any other supplies you may need to kickstart your shaved ice business profits.

Real Hawaiian Ice has the knowledge and know how to make your shaved ice business profit with articles such as:

Real Hawaiian Ice understands both what makes the perfect shaved ice and how to help you succeed with them. Check out our package deals to start making money today!