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Shaved Ice Cups: Biodegradable vs. Non-Biodegradable

If you are trying to understand all the different types of cups that are in the shaved ice community there are two to pick from, biodegradable and plastic. We offer both types of cups so we can help your business grow. When you first see the choices it might be intimidating. Biodegradable and plastic are two great cup options for your business to be environmentally conscious.  

Biodegradable Shaved Ice Cups:

For those who do not know what biodegradable is, they are disposable cups that will break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within a reasonable time. It makes it easier for the environment to process these cups. This also makes it easier for your company because you can just have your customers throw the cups away in any trash. These are better for the environment.

Plastic Shaved Ice Cups:

Plastic is a little different than the other cups we offer. Plastic does degrade it just takes a longer amount of time than the biodegradable cups. These cups are even more affordable for a new shaved ice business. We offer different color cups and sizes cups that would make choosing cups a breeze. Being that these cups still degrade to help the process happen even faster businesses can even offer separate bins to hold the ones ready to be recycled. Some recycling businesses will pay the businesses back for collecting them as well.

Biodegradable versus plastic will always be a  question you will want to be asking yourself so that you can have the best product for your business while keeping the environment in mind
Now that you have a little more information about the different types of cup, the constant battle between which the two will be better decided by your business. In the end, both cups have benefits to the environment and your business.