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Shaved Ice Flavors- Create Your Own!

A shaved ice machine is a versatile dessert maker. Because syrup is added after the ice is shaved, you can mix and match shaved ice flavors to make hundreds of unique combinations. Additionally, aside from the obvious shaved ice, a shaved ice machine can be used to make various other treats.

Ice Flavors

Shaved Ice Flavor Combinations

Shaved ice syrup comes in a number of flavors that are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, but have you considered combining flavors? Here are several new shaved ice flavors that can be made with combining syrups.

  • Strawberry Lemonade

    If you’re in the mood for light and tangy refreshment, strawberry lemonade is an excellent choice. By mixing the shaved ice flavors of strawberry and lemon, you get a tasty treat that cools you down.

  • Vanilla Root Beer

    Vanilla and root beer is a classic flavor combination. Luckily, these two shaved ice flavors can be combined to make a frozen treat with classic taste.

  • Cherry Limeade

    For those who prefer things on the sour side, try cherry limeade. Mix the cherry and lime shaved ice flavors for a less saccharine dessert.

  • Fruit Cola

    Summer is often accompanied by images of ice cold cola complete with condensation running down glass bottles. Cola is an available shaved ice flavor that can be spiced up by adding in a shot of fruit syrup. Flavors like cherry, lemon, strawberry and more exotic pineapple are just a few options when customizing your cola shaved ice.

  • Banana Split

    Ice cream is a popular choice on hot days but it has the tendency to be too heavy. A lighter option can be made by mixing shaved ice flavors together. If you’re in the mood for a banana split, try mixing vanilla, banana, and cherry or strawberry.

  • Fruit Salad

    With shaved ice flavors that cover a spectrum of fruity flavors, try mixing and matching to create your perfect fruit salad. Flavors like cantaloupe, watermelon, and kiwi make a refreshing combination.

  • Birthday Cake

    Feeling festive? Mixing the cake batter shaved ice flavor with vanilla or strawberry can recreate the flavor of a birthday cake.

  • Virgin Drinks

    Shaved ice flavors can be used to recreate the taste of your favorite cocktail (minus the alcohol). In addition to creating these flavors from scratch, many of the staple cocktails such as pina colada and margarita already have base flavors.

  • Vanilla Mocha

    When you need to satisfy a caffeine craving but can’t stand to wait in line for an iced coffee, shaved ice flavors have you covered. Mixing vanilla and mocha together will give you your much needed fix without having to withstand the long coffee shop lines.

Other Ice Treats

A shaved ice machine can be used to make various other ice treats. Here are three additional ice desserts that can be made by using a shaved ice machine.

  • Margaritas

    In the mood for some margaritas? A shaved ice machine can be used to make finer ice blends than a typical blender. If you don’t want to make a large batch and don’t mind a virgin version, you can even use the margarita shaved ice flavor instead of margarita mix.

  • Slushies

    A slushie has a wetter consistency than typical shaved iced, but can still be made by using a shaved ice machine. Instead of using syrup, add your favorite juice or soda to a cup with shaved ice until you can drink the mixture.

  • Snow Cones

    Snow cones are typically made with larger pieces of ice than shaved ice, but can still be made with a shaved ice machine. Additionally, shaved ice flavors and syrups still work for show cones.

A shaved ice machine can be used to make numerous desserts. By combining shaved ice flavors, there are nearly unlimited flavor options to use on your shaved ice. If you’d like some more variation, a shaved ice machine can also be used to make margaritas, slushies, and snow cones.