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Snow Cone vs. Shave Ice

What’s the difference between a snow cone and shave ice? Is there even a difference? Aren’t they the same thing? Nope. Not at all. While both are delicious, here are the biggest differences between the two:


What Kind Of Ice Was Used?

Snow cones are usually shaved from ordinary ice cubes.

Shave ice is usually shaved from a block of ice.



Snow cones are usually shaved ahead of time then re-frozen until being scooped into shape. 

Shave ice is usually shaved from a big block of ice right in front of the customer and into a smaller, finer layer. 



Snow cones are chunky to the bite and do not soak in the flavor (leaving much of the flavor to run onto the bottom of the cup). 

Shave ice is soft, delicate, and fluffy- absorbing the flavor throughout. 



Snow cones come with limited flavors such as cherry, grape, and apple. 

Shave ice usually comes with the option of dozens of unique flavors, such as guava, passion fruit, and tangerine.


What Are They Served In?

Snow cones are usually served in a cone-shaped paper cup. 

Shave ice is usually served in foam flower cups .