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Summer Shave Ice Flavor Combinations

Summer Flavors: Mix and Match For New Summer Shave Ice Flavors


Summer is coming up, it would be fun to add new flavors with the ones you already have. With the Hawaiian ice syrups that your business has, you can make up to 100 different mixtures. We will be sharing the recipe to 9 of them below. These flavors can be used for more than just Summer. They can be used for parties, events, and work functions and can make your business really stand out.


If you are looking for refreshing flavor combinations try these:

Pina Colada:                  

3 parts Pineapple

2 parts Coconut


Ocean Breeze:

2 parts Coconut

1 part Lemon

1 part Lime

Mai Tai:

2 parts Pineapple

1 part Lemon

1 part Orange


If you want some classic Summer flavors try:

Banana Strawberry:

1 part Strawberry

1 part Banana


Sour WarHead:

1 part of any syrup flavor

1 part of Sour Liquid


Orange Fruit Explosion:

2 parts Orange

1 part Peach

1 part Cherry


If your business is looking to do some out of the box shaved ice flavors try these:

Grape Blast:

1 part Grape

1 part Blueberry

1 part Blue Raspberry

Sea Breeze:

5 parts Blue Raspberry

4 part Vanilla

1 part Lemon

Yellow Combo:

1 part Banana

1 part Lime



All of the new flavor combinations could also make for great advanced above the competitors as they might not have the same flavors or ideas as your business does.  If you want to give your flavors more of a kick add in sour liquid to it. This could really good with the Mai Tai. Do not be afraid to try new things with the sour liquid. These new flavors can help your business become the best shave ice flavors place. Your customers will not want to go anywhere else. As Summer comes you can also mix even more flavors.