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The Top Commercial Shaved Ice Machine of 2019

Few things can be as satisfying as taste-bud tickling shaved ice on a hot afternoon. However, whether you want to start a shaved ice business or make shaved ice at home, you need the right equipment for the task.

But first, you must familiarize yourself with the best commercial shaved ice machines available in the market and their features to make an informed decision. But how do shaved ice machines work and how many types are there?

How Does a Shaved Ice Machine Work?

A shaved ice machine uses blocks or cubes of ice to make soft and fluffy ice. All you need to do is put ice and your favorite flavoring in the machine, and the result is deliciously refreshing shaved ice. There are three types of shaved ice machines:

  • Manual shaved ice machine: Utilizes a manual hand crank to shave ice. It is easy to use and makes small servings of shaved ice.
  • Electric shaved ice machine: Converts round blocks of molded ice into soft and fluffy ice.
  • Professional electric shaved ice machine: Makes snow-like ice from bagged ice.

Qualities of the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machines

There are many commercial shaved ice machines in the market. The best ones have the following attributes.

  • Capacity

    Top commercial shaved ice machines can make large amounts of shaved ice. Customers don’t have to wait for minutes or even hours to get a serving of your yummy shaved ice.

  • Reliability

    You don’t want a shaved ice machine that makes shaved ice today and breaks down tomorrow. A breakdown of the machine can tarnish your reputation as well as hurt your sales. You want an appliance that you can rely on any day; today, tomorrow and in the future. If you have a business, you want a machine that makes quality ice every day to keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Produces High-Quality Product

    One thing that will keep your clients coming back is the quality of your shaved ice.

Therefore, you need a machine that makes high-quality shaved ice to attract and retain customers.

  • Durability

    The best shaved ice machines can handle years of wear and tear before needing to be replaced.

  • Easy to use

    No one wants a complicated machine that is almost impossible to use. Top shaved ice machines are easy to use and hassle-free.

  • Safety

    In any machinery, safety is always the number one priority. All top shaved ice machines prioritize safety.

Hatsuyuki HF-500E Block Ice Shaver

Hatsuyuki is a globally trusted brand for shaved ice machines. This particular brand has won the hearts of many professional shaved ice vendors.

The main features of this commercial shaved ice machine include stainless steel make, large capacity -almost 4.5 pounds of shaved ice every minute- and high-quality product. While being easy to maintain and safe to operate. With this machine, you can get a variety of ice textures and extremely fluffy shaved ice.

Both kids and adults love frozen treats and refreshments. Nevertheless, the market is overridden with numerous commercial shaved ice machines with different qualities, functionalities, and features for various levels of use.

Although it can be relatively challenging to choose an ideal commercial shaved ice machine for your business, finding the perfect one for your needs can be both refreshing and rewarding. Check out our variety of Hatsuyuki shaved ice machines to start your shaved ice experience.