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Top Supplies and Accessories Your Shave Ice Business Needs


Block Ice MoldIt is widely known that block ice machines produce better ice than cube ice machines. However, block ice is not as easy to come by and is not as efficient to use than cube ice. In order to have quicker access to block ice for your machine, we recommend having a block ice mold, so you can freeze your own block ice, and have it ready at your own convenience.  

Foot PedalIf your business is too busy, a foot pedal will speed up your production by making your machine ‘hands free’. This will give you the ability to do other things while still operating your machine.

Spoon Straws – Our spoon straws are a must have for your Hawaiian shave ice business. They give the customer ability to eat or drink their shave ice. Although they come in very fun colors, they are a very practical accessory to your growing business.

Flower CupsOur fun and brightly colored flower cups are a great way to attract your customers. They are specifically designed to hold more ice than traditional cups, and they protect your customers from melted ice dripping onto their clothes.