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Ultimate Guide for Shave Ice Machine Rentals

With all that unbearable heat and sweltering temperatures, it is almost impossible to imagine summers without yummylicious iced treats. Biting into that cool sweetness of an icy good truly feels like a respite from the heat outside. So, how can you get those iced treats for your next birthday party or office event? Getting shaved ice from that corner store sure turns out to be quite expensive when catering to so many people.

Don’t worry; you can always save the day by getting a shave ice machine rental for that big day! Thinking about whether or not it’s a good idea? Here are some of the facts that will surely convince you that it is!

Benefits of getting a shaved ice machine for your party

The motives to get a shave ice machine for your party are plenty, and everyone has a different reason why they want to get one. You can be that really cool aunt who wants to make sure that the kids at your niece’s birthday party have a good time. Or, you can be the HR manager looking to offer something different in the next big event at the office. Regardless of what your reasons are, the shaved ice machine offers a plethora of benefits as far as icy treats are concerned.

1. The delicious taste

The best thing about a good quality shaved ice machine is that it gives you finer ice, which makes the syrup stick well and the treats taste absolutely delicious.

2. That melts in your mouth feel

Ice when shaved properly feels as light as snow. And, just like snow it will melt in your mouth, while leaving a feeling of sugary sweetness on the tongue.

3. The countless flavour options

Shave ice can soak in syrups so well that you can choose any flavour that you want and the taste will still be as yummy as ever.

4. The affordability factor

It is always a better option to get affordable ice shaver rentals rather than planning to buy shaved ice from the store for the party.

Why is shave ice better than sno cones?

Sno cones have bigger granules of ice compared to shaved ice. Shaved ice is actually like snow. It is light, fine, and fluffy, which makes it so much better than biting into a big chunk of ice. Thanks to the absorbent texture of the fluffy ice, it is able to hold the yummy syrup all throughout and make every bite delicious.

In the case of sno cones, the syrup slides off from the ice to the bottom of the cup. So, you will get all the taste in the last couple of bites, whereas, it is mainly just plain ice on the top.

The occasions where you can look for renting a shave ice machine

You can rent a shave ice machine for almost every occasion that you can think of. After all, who does not like an ice treat during the summers, right? So, don’t think that renting a shave ice machine is only for occasions like birthday parties, school carnivals, and pool parties. You can even get it for fundraisers, corporate events, and potluck parties. It is basically for every and any event where there are a considerable number of people and the occasion warrants an easy and funny way to deliver treats. Buying shave ice from the store will be just too expensive.

It is sure enough that all these facts will have convinced you to get a shave ice machine rental for that next big event. So, go ahead and check out our Hawaiian shave ice machine rentals today and book in advance to add more fun to your party!