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Which Shave Ice Machine Is Right For You?

Using the right shave ice machine is essential to your business’ success. We are often asked if you should purchase a cube shave ice machine or a block shave ice machine. The answer is that it really depends on you, your customers, and the type of business you are going to be running.


Are you at a location that may require you to move or be mobile?
If so, a cube shave ice machine is the better choice because on average they weigh 20 lbs less than block shave ice machines.


Does your location have long lines?
If so, a cube ice shaver is the best choice because it produces shave ice at a faster rate.


Cube Ice Shaver


Are you at a fixed location or are you purchasing your machine strictly for events that have a high volume of customers? At events, ice cubes are easily available through most catering companies, whereas ice blocks are much harder to come by. Cube shave ice machines also have a higher output volume per minute, which means that the shave ice will be ready faster. However, the ice block shave ice creates higher quality shave ice, with a much fluffier texture. If you are in a fixed location, block shave ice machines are the best choice.

Block Ice Shaver


Overall, the best choice for your shave ice machine depends on the business you intend on running. Although block shave ice machines are heavier and do not produce as much as the cube machines, they make a fluffier type of shave ice that can’t be matched.