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Below is a selection of testimonials from our much-appreciated clients!

"After talking to other people in the industry, we decided on a Hatsuyuki shaver" - Steve & Caryl - Swenson's, NY
"Because of our store's high volume, we chose a Hatsuyuki shaver" - Ron H. - Baskin Robbins - Rhode Island
"I returned my Micro-flake II shaver after it shook like a washer with a uneven load and because it did not shave ice as fine as real shave ice" - Earl C. - Oxnard, Ca.
"I own 5 Shave Ice carts which do 500-1,500 servings per weekend. One day of down time would cost me more than the $200 I could save buying a cheaper brand. I have used other brands of shavers, but the Hatsuyuki shaver has proven to produce the finest snow and be the most trouble free shaver" - Tom S. - Ontario, Ca.
"When you have employees, you want machinery that is safe, reliable, and easy to operate. We have been using Hatsuyuki shavers for over 5 years with excellent results" - Paul G. - Marriott Food Services
"Our Hawaiian Ice locations do approx. 500+ servings per weekend, 52 weeks a year. These machines are exposed to outside weather, continuous washing, and employee abuse, but have managed to keep working for over 6 years" - Jim B. - food service mgr. Santa Fe Springs Swap
"When your 3,000 miles from your service center you want to make sure you have reliable equipment" - Mr. & Mrs. Malabanan – Philippines