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Should You Purchase a Block or Cube Ice Shaver?

1. Does your location have cube ice available?

  • If yes, the cube shaver is the best choice. If not, go with the block shaver. With a block shaver, you can freeze your own blocks of ice by purchasing one of our block ice molds. Alternatively, a 3-qt. round cylinder container can be purchased at any grocery or restaurant supply store. Fill containers with water & freeze on a level surface for 24 hrs.

2. If you're going to be doing fairs, special events, catering, or high volume, then a cube shaver is the best choice.

  • Cube shavers weigh 20 lbs less than block shavers, which make it much easier to move HC-8E Cube Shaver is the only cube shaver that produces the same quality snow as block shavers
  • At special events, cube ice is more readily available because food & beverage vendors use cube ice
  • Cube shavers are safer & easier to operate. The blade is not as readily exposed as with block shavers
  • Cube shavers have a slightly higher output volume. Cubes shave 6 lbs p/min., Blockers shave 4.6 lbs. p/min.